I am cheerful, honest, optimistic, honest and prudent, serious and responsible and pragmatic attitude, with strong ability to adapt, has engaged in professional social work practice enthusiasm. I want to give a community the opportunity to practice the profession in the work of the director to play through in a different environment of continuous learning, continuous efforts to adapt to evolving social demands, hope you can give me a platform to show. Thank you!


  My name is XXX. I"m XX years old. I graduated last year. My major is Hotel Management. I am now familiar with hotel management. Since my internship, I have worked in multiple departments. I have worked as a room clerk a year since my graduation, so I"m quite familiar with the Opera system and have accumulated some experience in room management. I love surfing the internet in my spare time and as well as shopping and sports.

  I hope I have a good chance to grow with your hotel if I could join you.


  I have Concubine good looks, communication skills and organizational capacities of the strong, experienced numerous winter and summer vacations working temper my language ability and understanding, a better future for my work to lay a solid foundation for the hope that I have learned to for your company to the further development of the power that your company can be given the opportunity to display their time. Thank you!


  good command of computer skills: familiar with different versions of windows os and office application software, able to program with c and fortran languages, obtained some experience and understanding about other widely-used software like autocad, photoshop, coreldraw and dreamweaver.


  completed all the courses in the specialized field, obtaining good command of theoretic knowledge and experimental and diy skill; very adaptable and good at leaning.


  easy-going and congenial, with a strong sense of responsibility and good team-spirit.


  fluent in oral english , with fairly good of reading and writing ability; speaking authentic mandarin-chinese.